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The Valley Real Estate

Thinking of buying a house or condo in The Valley? Our guide to The Valley real estate below, will help you decide if this is the neighbourhood for you!

The Valley Boundaries

The ‘Valley’ is located in the valley of the Humber River at the foot of St. Mark’s.  It runs from St. Mark’s to the south, Dundas Street to the north, the Humber River to the west and Gooch Ave. to the east.

The Valley Real Estate

Types of Homes in The Valley:

The homes in The Valley are quite different from the homes in the surrounding areas.  These homes were built in the 1950’s and, for the most part are semi-detached homes with low-sloping roofs and mutual or private drives.  There are also a few detached homes and bungalows scattered throughout the area.  The price point throughout The Valley tends to be pretty consistent.


Real Estate Pricing & Statistics in The Valley:

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Hot Spots in The Valley

On Jane:

Transportation in The Valley

The Valley is serviced by the Jane subway station, as well as the Varsity and Dundas buses.

Schools in The Valley

Recreation in The Valley


Culture in The Valley

The Valley is popular with young families due to it’s proximity to the Humber River and Magwood Park.  This enclave is separate from the rest of Bloor West and Baby Point due to it’s location in the valley which tends to encourage a lot of street play and community-based events.  The homes in The Valley also tend to be a little less expensive than those found in the surrounding areas.

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