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Heading down south for the winter or to the cottage for the summer or perhaps just on a vacation? Standard home insurance may not cover damage incurred while a house is vacant, unless it is regularly inspected (typically once per week) and documented. Page & Percival Home Watch service provides you with scheduled, customized checks specific to your needs. Instead of asking reluctant relatives, busy friends or unreliable neighbors, our personalized service will take care of your home while you are away.

24/7 Emergency Response

We are available 24/7 to address any emergencies, alarms, etc.

Exterior Checks

We’ll complete exterior visual checks of windows & doors, water/pest damage, clearing newspapers & flyers and ensuring your lawn and garden are being maintained.

Interior Checks

We’ll visually check for leaks, tripped breakers, working smoke detectors, air filters and watering indoor plants.

Arrival Services

We’ll have the water turned back on and arrange to have your property cleaned prior to your return. We can even complete a grocery shop to ensure your in-stock on any necessities.

Departure Services

We’ll conduct a full walk-through to ensure your property is closed and secure with water turned off, all perishable foods removed, cleaning, appropriate temperatures and alarms systems armed.

Garbage Collection

We’ll ensure all garbage is placed outside for collection and the bins are returned to their designated spot.


We’ll provide a weekly report detailing the date & time of our visit and outlining any issues that were discovered.

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