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We’ve got all of your Toronto property management needs covered. Beyond just rental properties, we have an in-house specialist that provides Home Watch services to those down south for the winter, at the cottage for the summer or simply on vacation. We can also provide Concierge services for those that can’t be home for an appliance repair.

Rental Property Management

We provide end-to-end management of your rental property including leasing, tenant screening & selection, rent collection, inspections and more.

Home Watch Services

Heading down south for the winter, to the cottage for the summer or just on vacation? You home insurance requires that someone checks on your property at least once per week. If you don’t want to burden friends and family, click here to learn more about our home watch services.

Home Concierge Services

Has your furnace or fridge broken and the repair company can only come Monday to Friday 9-5pm? If you can’t take the day off work to be home for the repair visit, we can send someone for you.

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