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Bliss Seekers – Sarah and Jason

These are the ones who did it, they left their big city life for their small-town dreams. They found a way to make it work and made it happen. Some moved recently, some have been here awhile, and all their stories are an inspiration to anyone who is dreaming of their bliss life in a small town.

Their small town dream

Jason always dreamed of coming back to the town where he grew up and bringing his family with him. His parents picked up the family and left Mississauga when he was 12 years old and moved to Collingwood. Obviously, it was a great move for Jason as his fond memories and experience made him want the same for his family. 

His wife Sarah was onboard with the plan as well. The couple is very active and spent weekends skiing at Georgian Peaks with their kids. Moving to the Blue Mountains was always in the plan, it was just a question of when. 

How they make it work

Two years ago, Jason was offered a job at a global sports apparel and equipment company. The office is based out of Markham, but travel is a big component of the job, which meant he did  not need to be based in an office. 

This seemed the perfect opportunity to make the move as Jason could work remotely. At the time, Sarah was working as a counsellor at the Halton District School board. To make the move happen she had to leave her job. The couple agreed Sarah should take some time off to help get the family settled in their new home and community. 

After making the decision, Sarah, Jason and their two kids, Addison and Graydon, sold their house in Burlington, bought in Thornbury and were living in their new home within 4 months.

Once they all settled in, Sarah started thinking about what she will do for her career in the area. She was looking for part-time work as her kids are active and involved in a lot of sports. Being passionate about fitness herself, Sarah decided to get her personal training certification and started Fitwell, a fitness studio in Thornbury. Sarah runs boot camps three days a week, and even includes kids on Fridays in the summer. Fitwell is based on the merging of two passions, fitness and wellness, the kids class incorporates her beliefs that fitness is a big part of wellness that is so important in youth and adolescents. 

She’s also more recently found part-time work in Owen Sound at a Mental Health Agency, helping families with children who have complex special needs.  

Fun Facts And Small Town Hacks

If you don’t want to be shuttling your kids big distances for sports you probably want to sign them up for teams in Collingwood as there is usually less driving than the Blue Mountains leagues.  

There may be more driving living in the country, but it’s much less stressful when you’re not fighting traffic and the drive is beautiful. 

Be creative, there is lots of opportunity in small towns  if you are willing to think outside the box about your career, how you live and what you want in life.

The Realtor's Perspective

If you plan to find your bliss in a rural area, be ready to deal with and be educated on:

  1. Septic systems
  2. Well water
  3. Electric and propane heating
  4. Easements
  5. Conservation and planning authorities

There is a lot to consider and understand and your agent can point you in the right direction to decide what you are comfortable with and what suits your needs.

Looking for more inspirational stories? Rad about our other Bliss Seekers who have moved from the city to follow their small-town dreams.

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