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A Local Gem!: A2D2 Aerial Dance Cirque Co.

Posted by Page and Percival on October 22, 2019

A Local Gem!: A2D2 Aerial Dance Cirque Co.

If you’re looking to enroll your little one(s) in something totally different, look no further!

South Mississauga has it’s very own Cirque Centre run by three amazing sisters that have a passion for performing, and want to share it with the world.  Featured below from left to right: Julie Danaylov, Elisa Kovacic & Samantha McDonald.

This incredible school goes outside the boundaries of the typical ballet and gymnastics. Welcome to A2D2 Cirque Centre where they are committed to quality teaching that is safe, fun and inspiring! They offer training for kids, teens, and adults at every level. Whether you want to do circus as an extra-curricular activity, or train to be part of their professional team, Cirque Centre is for you.

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