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8 Simple Improvements To Help Sell Your Home

Posted by Page and Percival on July 19, 2019

8 Simple Improvements To Help Sell Your Home

Welcome to Part 2 of my blog on offer conditions!

If you didn’t read Conditional vs. Unconditional Offers: What You Need To Know. That’s okay!
You can take the time to read it now, or just refer to my summary below!

A conditional offer is when an offer to purchase a property has been submitted & it includes certain conditions that must be waived or fulfilled.

My previous blog covered the following topics:
• Unconditional Offers
• Notice of Fulfillments
• Waivers
• The Importance of Wording
• Types of Conditions
• Common Conditions

I’m now going to tell you why the length of time you stipulate to complete the condition is critical!

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